SY Control Flexible Cable BS6500, VDE0250

SY Control Cable

What is SY Control Flexible Cable?
SY Control Cable is a flexible multi-core cable with class 5 flexible annealed plain copper conductors, PVC insulation and a transparent PVC sheath that generally meets the requirements of both BS6500 and VDE0250 standards. It also has the added benefit of a galvanised steel wire braid with PVC bedding, so it can easily cope with situations of medium to high mechanical stress.

How is SY Cable contructed?

SY Control Flexible Cable
1 Conductor Class 5 flexible annealed plain copper conductors to BS EN 60228:2005 (previously BS6360), VDE0295, IEC 60228
2 Insulation PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) Type YI2
3 BEDDING PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) Type TM2 as specified in BS EN 50363-3:2005
4 BRAIDING GSWB (Galvanised Steel Wire Braid)
5 Sheath PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) Type TM2 as specified in BS EN 50363-3:2005


By what other names is SY Control Cable known?
SY Cable is also known as Flexible or Braided Control Cable, SY Control Flex and Instrumentation Cable.

Which industries use SY Cable?
The flexible SY Cable is supplied to a wide number of industries including building and construction (often in airports), rail and transport infrastructure, transmission, distribution and power networks as well as automation and process control.

SY Cable is used as interconnecting cable for measuring, controlling or regulation in signal and control equipment. This braided control cable is found frequently on assembly and production lines, conveyors, in computer units and machine tool manufacture. The SY Cable’s flexible and versatile design makes it a great choice for linking fixed and mobile equipment – as well as projects where fixed installations are required.

With the right protection (such as keeping it out of direct sunlight), SY Control Cable is useful for outdoor installations. The SY Flex is most suitable, however, for work in dry or moist indoor environments.

What is BS6500?
BS6500 is a British Standard, which was last updated in 2000. It stipulates requirements for the construction, dimensions and properties of insulated flexible cables with voltage ratings up to 300V/500V. This standard applies to SY Cable and other cables used with appliances and equipment in domestic or similar environments.

When should I use YY or CY Control Cable?
With its steel wire braid, SY Control Cable provides far greater mechanical protection than that of the two other control cables. Such levels are not always necessary, however, making the flexible YY Cable a suitable choice. Those looking for reduced-interference data and signal transmission need to install the CY Control Cable. More information CY Control Cable and YY Control Cable

Is the clear sheath just for show?
The clear sheath means the SY Control Flex can be inspected with ease for signs of deterioration, damage or corrosion.

Is a Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LS0H) SY Cable available?
Where control cable is to be located in public areas, a LS0H version of the SY Flex is often made to order when exposed to fire it emits low levels of smoke and non-toxic levels of halogen gas (typically under 0.5% HCl emission).

Standards: Generally to BS6500, VDE0250
Sheath Colour: Transparent
Voltage Rating: 300/500V
Temperature Rating:

Fixed: -35°C to +70°C
Flexing: -15°C to +70°C

Minimum Bending Radius: 10 x overall diameter
Core Identification: Black with White numbers. (3 cores and above to include Green/Yellow). Coloured cores available.
Note: SY Cables are not suitable for direct connection to the public mains.
More info on SY Cable


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